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Welcome to the Webtapus Design.

We are a dedicated team of graphic, web and logo designers. We have been designing since the mid 80's with the advent of the
first Apple Macintoshes, and have furthered our art to both 2D as well as 3D mediums, in a number of platforms.

We are fluent in all things HTML, and wish to do what very few web designers seem to be doing... incorporating a sense of humour into design. We have a unique style, paired with the ability to provide personal, and corporate web hosting, which keeps us busy and in demand.

Take a look at our portfolio by clicking HERE.

Located in the heart of HollyWood North, Webtapus Design is tapped into one of the most creative cities in North America. A dynamic, yet leisure friendly lifestyle, feeds the souls behind Webtapus Design with access to diverse music, year round outdoor sports activities, nestled in a culturally rich environment.

Contact us for online or print design contracts, as well as for our hosting capability.

Webtapus Design